Cozy loungewear that makes you feel wonderful!

Since 2013 Judith Dommermuth and her team design casual loungewear for women who not only want to be comfy and cosy but who also want to look stylish. JUVIA is a luxury loungewear collection that you can wear 24/7 with a feminine cut and modern design to allow women to showcase their individuality whilst being comfortable.

„Our looks should be stylish and wearable all day. A modern combination, that every women can wear!“

In her teenage years Judith Dommermuth started working as a model and began developing a feeling for fashion, trends and the entire fashion industry. With her modelling career she was able to finance her economic studies at the university of Essen, this together with her modelling was the perfect combination of fashion and business to be the foundation for a successful business with JUVIA.

Traveling around the world, she was longing for fashion that was not only comfortable, but stylish. Thats how she started the idea for her „easy to wear“ collection.

With a good feeling for fashion trends Judith Dommermuth and her team turned JUVIA into an internationally recognised „ready to wear“ collection, in only a few seasons.

The JUVIA signature look combines the colors of the season with strong prints. For the „feel well feeling“ only exclusive fabrics are used such as supima cotton and cashmere to create super soft sweatshirts, shorts, pants, casual blazers, coats, capes and dresses.

With the campaign Judith Dommermuth emphasizes the look of the label. The face of the campaign is the international top model Alena Blohm. She is a native german model who lives in New York City and travels the world, this is the perfect testimonial for Juvia. By now JUVIA is available in over 300 points of sales in 11 countries. In Germany some of her top locations are KaDeWe in Berlin, Mohrmann and Lodenfrey in Munich, Donna in Hannover, Buressi in Wiesbaden, and Jades in Düsseldorf.

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